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Jan 8-10 TBD Catapult Group
Annual Members Meeting
Jan 16-17 Houston, TX Smile Source
Administrators Meeting
Jan 23-24 Denver, CO Rocky Mt. Dental Conf. Attending
Feb 6-7 Scottsdale, AZ DPS
Founders Meeting
Feb 13-21 Unavailable    
Feb 27 - 28 Chicago, IL Chicago MidWinter Meeting
Catapult and Smile Source Events
March 8 Vancouver, BC Pacific Dental Conference Tips and Tricks for the Restorative, Aesthetic Practice
March 9 Vancouver, BC Pacific Dental Conference
NoPrep Veneers: You Can Do This!
March 19 Las Vegas, NV ADSO Meeting
April 10 Des Plaines, IL Study Club Tips and Techniques for the Esthetic General Practice
Apr 11
Kansas City, MI Midwest Dental Conference Creating a Cosmetic Practice within Your General Practice
Apr 17 Fresno, CA UCSF
Creating a Cosmetic Practice withing Your General Practice
May 1 Phoenix, AZ Smile Source Annual meeting Efficient Class II Composites
May 2 Phoenix, AZ SmileSource Incorporation of Digital Impression Systems in Your Practice
May 6-9 San Francisco, CA AACD Attending
June 4-6 Seattle, WA Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine
June 26-28 Walla Walla, WA DPS Directors Meeting
July 2-6 Unavailable    
July 15-18 Scottsdale, AZ DMG-America LuxacoreZ Update
Aug 5-7 Telluride, CO AAED Attending
Aug 12 Houston, TX SmileSource Advisory Board meeting
Aug 13 Houston, TX SmileSource Sleep Symposium
Aug 14 Houston, TX SmileSource Administrators meeting
Aut 28 Charlotte, NC CareStream
Incorporation of Digital Impressesions Systems into Your Practice
Sept 25 - 26 Scottsdale, AZ ACSDD Attending
Oct. 2 Tarrytown, NY YES Dental Lab
Lecture TBD
Oct. 15-18 Beverly Hills, CA ASDA Attending - Education Committee
Oct. 18 Beverly Hills, CA ASDA NoPrep Veneer Workshop
Nov 5-8 Washington, DC ADA Attending
Nov 6 Portsmouth, NH SeaCoast Esthetic Dental Asso TBD
Nov. 6-7 Washington, DC ADA Attending - SmileSource D of IR