“Today’s general dental practice has many patients that are interested in improving the appearance of their teeth. This full day lecture is created to give an overview of the many different types of procedures and materials that can be successfully used to enhance your patients’ appearance. From posterior direct composites to 10 units of porcelain veneers, this course with discuss case selection, material choices, predictable techniques and helpful pearls of information that will allow dentists to be able to add more cosmetic services to their practices. Throughout the program, Dr. Radz will also discuss how he has marketed his general practice to create a practice that is now over 50% elective dentistry, while maintaining a steady flow of new general dentistry patients.”

Course Objectives:

1. Review and discuss the materials and techniques used to create highly esthetic restorations.

2. Discuss the indications and applications for conservatively designed porcelain veneers.

3. Review the latest in esthetic materials and the potential applications in cosmetic procedures

4. Discussion on the use of digital photography in office marketing. Including a discussion of marketing ideas to increase the amount of elective work requested.

** this is a full day program


Dentistry now has a wide variety of new materials and technologies available to help dentist to provide better dentistry faster and more predictably. This fast paced program is designed to share many useful materials now available as well as the tips and techniques to add speed and predictability. Additionally, new technologies with are discussed with a focus on the practical application and integration of these technologies to increase profitability and patient satisfaction.

Course Objectives:

1. Overview of the importance of bleaching in an esthetic practice

2. Review of the current state of bonding agents

3. Discussion on materials and techniques using composite resin for Class II’s, core build ups, and post and core restorations

4. Incorporation of the latest technologies into the practice work flow

5. Review of the potential of NoPrep veneers, with a discussion on the myths and the realities.

** this can be a full or half day course

Smile Creation using Minimal Preparation Designs and Thin Porcelain Veneers

Current growing popularity in “no-prep” veneers has created a lot of attention within the dental profession and the general public. Many in the dental profession remain skeptical as to the ability to create clinically acceptable veneers using this concept.

This course will discuss the use of minimal preparation veneers in cosmetic cases, as well as address the subject of the “no-prep” concept. Included within this discussion will be review of case selection, material selection, preparation, impression techniques, temporization procedures, and delivery techniques.

The attendee will leave with a better understanding of the potential applications and uses of very thin veneers.

Course Objectives:

1. Review the indications for “no-prep” and minimal preparation veneers

2. Discussion of the porcelain systems used to create thin veneers

3. Review of preparation guidelines, impression technique, provisionalization ideas, and cementation procedures.

4. Develop an understanding and appreciation for the potential uses of thin porcelain veneers.

** this can be a full or half day course

** a hands on component can be added


In today’s dental market it is now assumed that every general dentists is a cosmetic dentist. It is critical in an effort to meet patients’ expectations to have a through understanding of the latest materials, techniques, and technologies. Advances in porcelain technologies now provide us with exceptional durable materials that can create excellent esthetic results. This course will discuss the old and new options for crowns, bridges and veneers and the indications for each. Materials and techniques to help maximize success rates will be presented. Additionally, new technologies that can improve efficiency and patient satisfaction will be reviewed including a discussion on how these can be incorporated into your practice. The goal of this program is for each attendee to leave with many different pearls that can be immediately implemented into his/her practice immediately.

Course Objectives:

1. Discussion of why core build-ups and post and cores are critical to success

2. Review of the materials available for crown and bridge cases, including the indications and limitations of each

3. Presentation on proven techniques to create beautiful, conservative porcelain veneers; including a discussion on the potential applications of NoPrep veneers

4. Introduction to Digital Dentures and the techniques required

5. Discussion of the application of dental lasers to enhance case outcomes

6. Opportunities to improve your workflow and operatory efficiencies by incorporating digital impressions into your office.


Advancements in technology have allowed dental teams to replace traditional impression techniques and materials with simplified and cost-effective digital processes. Digital impressions have many advantages over traditional impressions. These advantages will be discussed and how the operatory workflow can be altered to be more efficient and profitable. An emphasis will be placed on the practical application and integration of this technology into the practice. Additionally, a review on the future potential of digital impressions will be presented.

Course Objectives:

1. Discuss the limitations of conventional impression materials and techniques

2. Review of the workflow associated with digital impression systems

3. The advantages of digital scanning will be presented

4. Discussion of the real world applications and results will demonstrate how better more predictable restorations can be achieved using this technology.

** this is a half day or evening program


Public awareness of the dangers of sleep apnea is starting to increase. This increased awareness in the general public is being paralleled by an awareness of this disease within the dental profession. The dental office is uniquely positioned to be able to identify and discuss with patients the concerns and dangers associated with this all too often undiagnosed disease.

This program is designed to provide an overview of sleep apnea and how your practice can begin to help save lives by finding patients with this life threatening disease. Discussion with included screening, testing, working with physicians, and developing the systems required to incorporate sleep apnea treatment in your practice. Attendees will be introduced to the materials, techniques and dental appliances needed to provide treatment. The program will include a discussion on medical billing for reimbursement as well as development of a marketing strategy to grow this new part of your practice.

Course Objectives:

1. Develop an understanding of sleep and sleep disorders

2. Review screening, testing, and working with a referral network of physicians

3. Overview of the materials and techniques required for the fabrication of a sleep apnea appliance

4. Review of the many different types of oral appliances

5. Discussion on medical billing

6. Presentation of strategies for marketing sleep dentistry to your patients, your community, and local physicians and sleep labs

**this is a half day or evening course

**this course can be expanded to a full day or two-day course with presentations by LJ Consulting to included team coaching and more detailed medical billing information.

Elective, Cosmetic Dentistry for Adolescents and Young Adults

“More and more dentists are seeing young patients that want to improve the appearance of their smiles. Unfortunately, orthodontics does not have the ability to cure all of young patients esthetic concerns. This full or half-day lecture discusses the materials and techniques that can allow a dentist to predictably use very conservative techniques to create beautiful smiles for young people. Topics covered include esthetic recontouring, bleaching procedures, anterior direct bonding, the many uses of indirect composites and a discussion on the application of implants. The course discusses many different techniques and material, but will also have discussion on treatment planning, case and material selection. This is an excellent course for dentists who are concerned with the overall treatment of young people with elective dental procedures.”

**best as a half-day program

Myths, Controversies and Concepts Regarding No-Prep Veneers

NoPrep veneers are a hot topic within dentistry and in the general public. Certainly there is a great appeal to this potentially noninvasive procedure. However, controversy and misconceptions are associated with this treatment. This course is designed to address the myths and realities of no prep veneers. Additionally attendees will see examples of no-prep veneers that meet patients’ esthetic requirements, while at the same time will meet the dentist's demands for proper fit and esthetic results. During the course the concept of the Partial Prep (P2Veneer) will be introduced. This program will cover case selection, lab communication, impression techniques, cementation techniques, finishing and polishing procedures and marketing ideas.

The attendee will leave with a better understanding of the potential that exists with a no prep concept, as well as an understanding of its limitations.

Course Objectives:

1. Review the myths and realities associated with no prep veneers

2. Discuss case selection criteria

3. Review ceramic options currently available

4. Understand the materials and techniques required for proper delivery of no prep veneers

5. Discuss the use of a partial prep concept and it's place within a "no prep" concept

6. Develop an understanding of the limitations of a no prep design

**this can be a full or half day program

**a hands on component can be added


(Presented with Dr. Tony Soileau)

This is a very different type of cosmetic dentistry course. In one day you will learn how to turn the corner and begin to create the cosmetic based practice you have always wanted.

In the morning, Dr. Radz will take you step by step thru everything you need to successfully treat your patients with porcelain veneers. A member of the REALITY evaluation team and on faculty at the University of Colorado, Dr. Radz is well versed in the materials used in cosmetic dentistry.

The course will concentrate on the use of the most lifelike and conservative form of porcelain veneers, using feldspathic porcelain. From the initial consultation to the postoperative appointment, you will learn the materials and techniques needed to create predictable, beautiful new smiles.

Once you’ve learned how to create beautiful smiles, Dr. Soileau will show you how to photograph YOUR patients’ new smile and make them your best marketing tool. Having taught at several post graduate educational programs, Dr. Soileau has created a system that is easy to implement in any office to maximize digital photography to increase the amount of cosmetic dentistry you present and that you will do. Widely recognized as the most innovative dentist/photographer in the country, he will show you how to photograph your patient and how to use that photography to create your own ads, enhance your own website, and to develop an impressive and effective marketing system that will make your office THE place in your community for smile enhancements.

**this is a one or two day program


“The recent dramatic improvements in composite resins now allow dentists to create lifelike restorations that in the past could only be created indirectly. This course is a full or half-day lecture designed to help dentists learn more about the expanded possibilities that direct composites can have for their patients. The lecture will discuss the techniques used similar to a ceramist in creating anything from an invisible Class I composite to 8 units of beautiful, conservative direct bonded veneers. All attendees will leave with a better understanding of bonding systems, composite systems, practical techniques and material application, and a selection that will help them provide more lifelike restorations to their patients.”

**this is a half-day program

**a hands on component can be added


“New microhybrid composites have the ability to create beautiful, lifelike restorations. This full or half day course will discuss the materials and techniques needed to allow dentists to more successfully create composite resin restorations that mimic natural tooth structure. A lecture component will visually demonstrate the techniques utilized to predictably use composite restorations. The hands-on section of this course will reinforce the techniques shown in lecture. The experience gained from the course will allow the attendee to immediately be more successful in their practices when using composite resins.”


Presented with Dr. Gary Benson, orthodontist

Orthodontic treatment is able to align teeth and maximize occlusal relationships, but all too often missing, misshapen, or discolored teeth limit the final cosmetic outcome in both adolescent and adult patients. This full or half-day lecture combines the input of an orthodontist and cosmetic dentist to discuss both the planning and treatment options for these challenging cases. Teamwork and ample communication between the practioners is stressed, and issues facing both disciplines are discussed for the benefit of the others. Orthodontic options are presented with the resulting impact on the final restorative procedures and the ultimate cosmetic outcome. Numerous restorative options are discussed including bleaching, recontouring, direct bonding, indirect composites, veneers, esthetic bridges, and implants. This is an excellent course for both the orthodontist and restorative dentist interested in learning more about the interaction between orthodontics and restorative/cosmetic dentistry.

Working together on numerous esthetic problems, Dr. Gary Benson’s orthodontic practice and Dr. Gary Radz’s cosmetic dentistry practice have created a system of communication and trust that has allowed them to provide their patients with the best and most conservative treatments to create a final esthetic result. It’s this teamwork and communication, along with the treatment planning and techniques that Drs. Benson and Radz will discuss. The ultimate goal is help more orthodontists and general dentists provide their patients with the beautiful smiles they are looking to achieve.

**this can be a full or half day program