"I attended your Saturday lecture at the CDA convention in Anaheim last month. I was not expecting much from the course and only planned to attend the morning session’ however, I was very impressed with your lecture and stayed for the full day. I felt that your problems and solutions were very relatable and you provided some great tips that I have already started applying to my practice."

Thank you Bambi! I was most impressed with you and Dr. Radz. it was rather reassuring to have you and Dr. Radz spend so much of your time to sufficiently address my particular situation.

Thank you,
You are the best!

"I found that you showed a high degree of technical excellence with a dose of self deprecating humility that was a terrific combination."
Dr. Art - New Jersey

"It's really comforting to know that you can trust a speaker like yourself to come in and do a great job!"

Dr. John Sullivan

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

2008 Scientific Meeting co-chairman

"Our members raved about your presentation!"
Cathy Levering, Executive Director, Sacramento District Dental Society.

"If you want to learn how to do quality, esthetic dentistry, Gary's course is a must!"

Dr. Charles D. Samaras, Director Of Practice Management Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

"I enjoyed taking your class "Creating a Cosmetic Practice within Your General Practice." 

" There was so much information and great ideas you shared"

Dr. Jennifer Heming, 2006 ADA Annual meeting attendee

"I enjoyed and appreciated your presentation in Memphis.  Your presentation was clear, concise, and helpful.  Your process is clear and easy to follow.  In fact, we have incorporated quite a few of your suggestions and practices in our office. "

"Thanks again for your no-nonsense approach to real dentistry."

Keith Smith, D.D.S.


"This was the best, most organized, well taught "hands-on" course that I've done this week (I've done 8). Gary is personable and sincere. I will take any class taught by him"

Veneer Prep Hands-On Course Attendee evaluation

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry 2008 Annual Scientific Meeting

"down to earth, accessible and an excellent communicator"

Alan Budd, DMD

Boston, Mass

"Yesterday was the best course I attended in 20 years of dental practice."

 " Your course was of great help to me and an inspiration to pursue my goal of changing my practice to one that is more palatable to me. "

John Sherwood DMD


“Your presentation and the supervision of the session on the clinical procedures for placement of extended range resin composite not only informed our 3rd year students, it also inspired them. I also appreciate your style of presentation. Your informal approach and encouragement to the students makes them feel they can do what you do if they will work to gain the experience.”

Thomas G. Berry, DDS
University of Colorado School of Dentistry

“Your slides demonstrating the points you made were excellent. Feedback since your talk has been very positive. I liked the way you interacted with these seniors. The entire seminar was enjoyable.”

University of Colorado School of Dentistry faculty member

"Gary’s no frills, laid-back approach was well received by all in attendance.”

From newsletter from Ogden Dental Study Club, 2001.

“His seminar technique is refreshing due to its down to earth style and practicality of information he divulges. His style of presentation and cosmetic techniques are refreshingly different and have been a start up Inspiration for my post-orthodontic cases. Don’t miss this one – It’s truly one of a kind!”

Raj Patil, DDS

“Gary Radz gives you an easy to understand, informative presentation on how you can create a successful aesthetic practice. His experience and knowledge with different materials and procedures will motivate you to successfully incorporate aesthetics into your practice the right way.”

William G. Dickerson, DDS, FAACD

"Gary made this material understandable and very applicable to general practices."

Excerpt from a course evaluation from the 2006 Yankee Dental Congress